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Alabama’s sex offender law goes into effect Oct. 1

Known as the Community Notification Act, Alabama's new law tightens restrictions and penalties on people convicted of sexual crimes. Changes generally take place Oct. 1.

  • Requires a minimum 20-year prison term with no possibility for early parole and no shortened sentence for good behavior for people who commit violent sex acts against a child under 12. Requires minimum 10 years monitoring with electronic monitoring device after release from prison.
  • Authorizes the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center to establish an electronic monitoring system for sex offenders. Allows judges and parole officials to require electronic monitoring for other sex offenders as soon as the state has the tracking system in place.
  • Gives law enforcement and prosecutors access to information that they need about juveniles and youthful offenders to enforce the Community Notification Act.

    Electronic monitoring

  • Requires a minimum of 10 years of electronic monitoring for people who commit sex crimes against children younger than 12, as well as sexually violent predators after they serve a minimum of 20 years in prison. Sets provision for offenders to pay or share the cost of monitoring.
  • As of Oct. 1, or when electronic monitoring system is in place, new parolees may be required to wear electronic monitoring devices as condition of their parole. Offenders sentenced this year will not wear the devices until at least 2025 because of new mandatory prison sentences for sex offenders. Inmates paroled after Oct. 1 may wear them much sooner.

    Offenders in community

  • Must register their place of residence and notify local law enforcement of their workplace.
  • Must report the address where they live every year on their birthday and every six months thereafter to law enforcement.
  • Must report to local law enforcement within seven days instead of the current 30 days allowed after their release from prison or after any change of residence.
  • Must possess either a driver license or identification card issued by the Department of Public Safety that identifies them as sex offenders.
  • Face upgrades in penalties from misdemeanor to felony if they fail to comply with any of the community notification provisions. Violation of any provision returns them to prison on the new felony charge.
  • In most instances, offenders convicted of sex crimes in other states are subject to the same requirements and penalties if they move to Alabama.

    Requirements in prison

  • Must declare their intended place of residence 45 days before release from prison, instead of 30 days required now. Inmates who do not provide information or give a false address before their release from prison, are subject to re-arrest and new criminal charges.
  • Sex offenders classified as youthful offenders must undergo sex offender treatment before their release from prison.

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