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Area residents prove too smart for phone scam

By Regina Wright
DAILY Metro Editor 340-2430

M.L. McCaghren of Lawrence County 324 said that Glovis Hale is not the only Lawrence countian contacted by a telephone scammer with an eye to a bank account.

McCaghren called the newspaper after he read Friday's article about a woman with a foreign accent calling Hale and telling Hale that his name "came up on her computer screen." She needed his bank checking account number to verify his name.

Hale knew a fishy pitch when he heard one. When he questioned the caller, she hung up.

McCaghren said a man called him and told him he had his name on his computer screen. The caller told him to get a pencil and paper and give him numbers from one of his checks.

The telephone connection was bad; however, McCaghren said he wishes he had the patience to "hear the man out" so he would have gotten the full spiel.

Instead, he responded, "You're full of bull."

And you know what happened. The man hung up.

Peggy Cole, mediation counselor with the Better Business Bureau, said this particular scam with variations has been around for a long time. Her advice: Do as Hale and McCaghren did.

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