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Man shot by officers had guns in home, sheriff says

By Holly Hollman
DAILY Staff Writer 340-2445

CAPSHAW — Authorities confiscated guns at the home of a Limestone County man shot during Tuesday's multi-jurisdictional drug raid, Sheriff Mike Blakely said.

The shooting victim, Kenneth Jamar, was in critical condition Wednesday in Huntsville Hospital's surgical intensive care unit, a hospital spokeswoman said.

Task force officers shot Jamar, who wasn't a suspect, at his Honey Way home while searching for Jamar's nephew, Jerome Wallace, 28, authorities said.

U.S. Attorney Alice Martin said the task force did not have an arrest warrant for Jamar, but did have one for Wallace for federal drug conspiracy charges.

The Limestone County Sheriff's Department is investigating the shooting because it was not involved in the raid and the incident occurred in Limestone's jurisdiction.

The task force did not notify Blakely about the raid until the shooting occurred.

Huntsville Police Chief Rex Reynolds said officers with his SWAT team were involved in the shooting. Reynolds said they encountered an armed person and "neutralized the threat."

Huntsville SWAT was part of a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area task force that executed 23 search warrants in the area Tuesday to dismantle a Decatur man's alleged drug trafficking organization.

Neither Blakely nor Huntsville police are saying whether Jamar fired at officers.

"Several guns were taken from the residence," Blakely said.

Jamar's brother-in-law, James Wallace, who also is Jerome Wallace's father, said Jamar would have guns in his home because he collected them.

"But I've never known him to have trouble with the law," James Wallace said.

Jamar's family said he has gout and a pacemaker, and was on bed rest at the time of the shooting.

James Wallace said authorities won't allow the family to visit Jamar.

"I heard they couldn't stop the bleeding and had to give him five pints of blood," he said. "We've heard he was shot four or five times in the abdomen, groin and feet."

Blakely said when his investigation is complete, he'll present a report to Limestone District Attorney Kristi Valls and Reynolds.

Valls said she did not know the details of the investigation. She said depending on the investigation's outcome, she could present the case to a grand jury or shooting review board or both.

Huntsville police spokesman Wendell Johnson said Huntsville's shooting review board also will determine whether officers acted within departmental policy.

Johnson said the police chief will release details about the shooting after that review.

'No problem with warrant'

Blakely did say that despite a discrepancy on the address listed on the search warrant, there was "no problem with the warrant."

The task force had a search warrant for 13355 Honey Way, Reynolds said.

That is not Jamar's address, but the address for James Wallace.

James Wallace said his son sometimes stays with him and a girlfriend, but not with Jamar. James Wallace said no one raided his home, which he confirmed was at 13355 Honey Way.

Blakely said the task force listed the incorrect address on the search warrant.

"They went to the house they meant to go to," Blakely said, referring to Jamar's residence.

Blakely said the task force included an aerial photo of Jamar's home with the affidavit for the search warrant.

"I guess you could call it a clerical error over the address," Blakely said, "but I don't think Jamar's house even has a street address."

The sheriff said Jerome Wallace and other members of the family have received mail at the 13355 Honey Way address.

The raid, shooting and subsequent arrest of his son still is confusing to James Wallace. He questioned why the task force didn't arrest his son until hours after the shooting.

Jerome Wallace didn't know the raid concerned him and talked to THE DAILY and other reporters at the scene. When the task force realized who Jerome Wallace was, officers took him into custody.

"I still don't know what is going on with Jerome's case," James Wallace said Wednesday. "No one from law enforcement has told me anything."

His son was to appear in federal court in Birmingham today, James Wallace said.

"I talked to an attorney, and I'm going to meet him in Birmingham, and that's about all I know," he said.

James Wallace said he's never seen evidence that his son was involved in dealing drugs. His son worked at Auto Auction and with his girlfriend for a cleaning service.

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