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Lacey's Spring annexation
Possible Huntsville takeover on Morgan commission agenda

By Sheryl Marsh
DAILY Staff Writer 340-2437

The possibility of Huntsville annexing a portion of the east end of Morgan County has the commissioner who represents the area envisioning whiskey drinking and nightclubbing.

District 4 Commissioner Stacy George said some people don't want that in this rural setting and they have called on him to intervene.

The County Commission will discuss the issue today during an 8:30 a.m. work session, Chairman John Glasscock said.

"I've met with constituents who don't want their quality of life lowered in this fashion," said George. "They don't want barhopping and alcohol out here. I would say the group against it is bigger than those for it."

The issue, however, does not involve a large number of residents. It involves a 984-acre tract of which 400 acres belong to Dr. John Wisda of Huntsville.

Huntsville Planning Director Dallas Fanning said he plans to recommend that the Huntsville City Council annex Wisda's property.

Currently, the matter is in the hands of Morgan Probate Judge Bobby Day. If Day does not call for a vote on the annexation, it's highly possible that Wisda's tract will be annexed, according to reports. That would then allow annexation of adjacent tracts in a domino effect.

George said if Huntsville annexes the property, "it would be a matter of time before they get more of Morgan County."

He said he will push a resolution today to halt annexation.

District 1 Commissioner Jeff Clark said annexation would benefit the residents.

"It's similar to when Decatur annexed into South Limestone County," Clark said.

"The property owners that wanted to be annexed were in favor of it but some of the people who were not direct property owners were against it, but it stood up legally. I understand that the property owners affected by it are in favor of the benefits of being in the city of Huntsville,"he said.

"I think these people are mainly concerned with the protection the city would give them with the weed, litter and junk car ordinances," Clark added.

"As a commission we need to explore options of offering the same protection to people in the county. I am in favor of putting it to a vote of the people to see if they would vote to have that protection," he said.

George wants to kill the issue.

"Whatever is in South Huntsville will be brought into Morgan County," said George. "I can see it now, whiskey, bars and nightclubs. I just want to do the will of the people and stop it."

Huntsville and Decatur allow alcohol sales in annexed areas of Limestone County.

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