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Welcome freshman

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"I'm really looking forward to the career exploration class. It has a lot of technology in it, and I'm really interested in that stuff." — Corey

"I'm looking forward to the independence and the opportunities to do new things and make new friends. I'm already in the band and drama, so I want to continue those, and I'm also interested in the medical career program." — Christina


"I think it will be the same as middle school, you got your locker, have to manage your own stuff, but you will also learn new things that you haven't even heard of before. I think high school will be more difficult, but also fun." — Sergio

"I think at first, high school will be pretty different and scary, but once you get used to it I think it will be fun. . . . Clubs are a good opportunity to meet other people, especially older ones who can tell you things and show you around and you also meet people you wouldn't talk to if you hadn't joined." — Katherine

Nervous confidence

"I'm actually nervous about meeting new people." — Sergio

"I'm not really nervous about anything. I know lots of people in high school, also in the upper class, so I'm not worried about making friends." — Corey

"I'm a little nervous about finding my classes, and also about the new teachers and homework. I have a lot of friends who will go to Austin, so I am not nervous about that." — Christina

"I think I'm going to get lost a lot. That's really the only thing I'm worried about." — Katherine

To Hartselle High freshmen:

"Don't take Latin if you are not willing to study hard. . . . Take any class by Ms. Nave; she can be both a counselor and a teacher." — Emily Hillis, Hartselle High senior

To Brewer High freshmen:

"Take advantage of the vocational program, like welding or mechanics. Brewer has a vocational school and there are lots of scholarships." — Carl Holden, Brewer High senior

To Austin High freshmen:

"Don't buy elevator or pool passes from other students. They will tell you that the Woodmeade Elementary building is part of Austin High, and that there's a pool and elevators inside, but you will have to buy a pass to use them." — Meredith Wiggins, Austin High senior

To Decatur High freshmen:

"Mrs. Evans is always willing to help and sacrifice a lot of her time." — Decatur High senior Chason Shackelford, on his ninth-grade honors English teacher.

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